St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! So you might be wondering, why is everything on St Patrick’s Day there. Why the shamrock? Why the color green? What did it come from and when did it start? Why do we pinch people?

The shamrock was picked to be Ireland’s symbol because of the legend that st. Patrick used it to draw the belief of the Trinity. Irish people thought that the shamrock was a good-luck symbol since earlier times. People today who have different nationalities also think that they bring good luck. The original color for St. Patrick’s day was blue. But since Ireland’s nickname is “The Emerald Isle”, the color green became more popular for this holiday. St. Patrick’s revelers thought that if you wore green, it would make you invisible to leprechauns, fairy creatures who would pinch anyone they could see, which is anyone who’s not wearing green. St. Patrick’s Day is named after a man with the name of Saint Patrick. He was a fifth century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. Saint Patrick was known as the “Apostle of Ireland.”

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How it’s all coming together

This is what my partner and I accomplished this week. We got an idea of when we are going to have our project. We also emailed our mentor about it. Also me and my partner got a plan to meet up before our project. We are going to make examples for the students. The examples will be the masks.

I am feeling very good about my project. This is because we have gotten a lot done. Also, probably next week, we are actually going to go and do our project. Maybe sooner. Also me and my partner are working very well together. We had our meeting with our mentor a couple of weeks ago and it went very well.I haven´t started my video yet but I think it will go well. This is because my speech has been approved and I think it´s good.

Our next deadline for our timeline is to go to the classroom to present our project. Our plan is to get all the supplies together and ready for the project. Also we will get the examples like I said before for the craft. In general, we will need to have all the supplies. Book, art supplies, and examples. And we have good times for the project. We would probably go to the class on the first day, Wednesday, at about 2:35. Then on the next day, Thursday, we would probably go earlier in the day.

Here are some of the issues me and my partner are dealing with right now. So one thing is we don’t have an exact idea of when we are going to the classroom. We have an idea. One thing we can do to fix this, though, is to email our mentor. this way, will will know exactly what we’re doing and when we need to do it. As you can tell, we don’t have much problems, and everything is going great!

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What we’re up to

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This week what me and my partner have accomplished is we have practiced our elevator pitch video. We have not perfected it yet, but we are getting there. Also we have gotten an answer from our mentor for when we need to come. This should be on the dates of march 16 and 17, most likely. We also have made the examples for the craft. Again, the masks were for the kids to make to show how they see themselves.

I am feeling very good about my project. It’s all going really well. We’ve gotten a lot done and we are on track. Like I said, we have practiced the video for our elevator pitch. I feel a bit nervous, though, for the big presentation. I get nervous very easily. But I’m very confident that things will go well.

My plans to accomplish my next deadline for my timeline is to go to the classroom to present our project. This is my next deadline. What we have done to get here is we have made the examples for the masks. This is for the kids to make their own masks for how they see themselves. We’ve also gotten our supplies for the mask. And we have gotten the book with the important lesson to read to the children.

Our project is going very well. Some issues we have run into though is finding the perfect examples for the masks for the children in the second grade class. We need the perfect mask so the students will understand what to do very clearly. The masks will need to be very creative. They need to know the correct and nice way of doing this project. They need to know that it should be colorful, neat, and something good enough to the point where they would show the mask to the class and explain it. They will understand the purpose if we explain to them who we see our selfs as so they know what to do.

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Learning is More Fun With Us!

This week, what my partner and I accomplished for our 20% project is we know we can defiantly go to do our project. Another thing we did this week was email are mentor so we know for sure what days we are coming to do our project. We also decided we are going to meet up and work on examples for what we are doing for our project. We are going to a second grade class and reading a book. There is a craft at the end and we are working on examples of the craft, which is a paper plate mask, so the students will get the gist of what they are doing.  The craft is to make a mask of how they feel about themselves because the theme in the book we are reading is to be yourself. That is what we accomplished this week.

Here are somethings me and my partner plan on doing this week. One thing is that we are planning to get an email back from our mentor telling us when to come and present our project. Another is to hopefully have our project done or close to being done. This is so we can be prepared for whenever our mentor asks us if a certain date for us to present our project is good. Those are somethings we plan on getting done this week.

This is how I feel about the project so far. I feel very excited. I can’t wait to go to the class and just do our project. Also our mentor is my 2nd grade pass teachers and I’m excited to see her again and she can see how much I have improved. I also feel very confident. This is because I have a feeling that our project is going to go down very well and I feel my partner and I will get a good grade on this.

Blog 3- 20% project

This week, what I have accomplished is I had a meeting with my mentor along with my partner. I feel really good about my project so far. This is because we have gotten a lot done so far. Yes I have met with my mentor. We discussed when we would do our project, which will be about 3 weeks into this month, what time, which should be at about when we leave school which is 2:35 because Elementary kids get out later. We also talked about what we were going to do, which is going to her classroom, and maybe others, reading a book with an important lesson, and then the students will do a craft. My plan to achieve my goal for next week is to get all of the supplies together for the project. For the craft the students are making a paper plate mask based off of how they see themselves. For example, on of the girls could draw a princess, or a boy could do a superhero.

20% Project

What we accomplished this week was getting a date for when we are going to a have a meeting with our mentor. I’m feeling pretty good about this project so far. I think me and my partner are getting a lot done, working well together, and I feel when we actually do what our project is, it will be very fun. We’ve been pretty successful so far, So the only problem we ran into was when our mentor wouldn’t answer us, but we emailed her with more information and we got back on track. We fixed this problem by emailing her with more information and she answered back and now we are back on track.

1/27 We will contact our mentor talking about the meeting
2/10 Find out what to do for our craft
2/24 Get supplies
3/10 Make example of a craft so the kids have something to refer to if their confused.
3/24 Go to classroom, read a book, and do an activity.
4/7 Stat emailing other teachers asking if we could do this with their classroom.
4/21 Get back to teachers about meetings.
5/5 Get a new book to do a craft based off of it.
5/19 Read the book to other classrooms and do activities

Helping out

This week, I accomplished what project I was going to do with my partner. I also have what school we are going to for the project. What are project is, we are going to a second grade class and reading a book to them. They will then make a craft about the lesson or theme about the story. Right now we are looking for books we can use to read to kids for our project. Next I plan on emailing a teacher asking if we can do a project for her class. This week some of the problems we have run into is finding the perfect books for the kids and earlier in the week, figuring out how we were just going to do the project in general. To fix these problems, we are looking up on the internet, “the perfect books for second graders.” Also we figured out that we can go to the school during the school day and how we are going to do the project.

img_2883(this is a picture I took of some of the books I own).



A Holiday of Love and Laughter

My favorite holiday is… Christmas! Christmas is my favorite holiday for many, many reasons. Here are some. My birthday is two days before Christmas, so that’s one of the reasons. It may seem that having a birthday that close to Christmas isn’t fun, but I disagree. Another reason is the feeling I have around Christmas. I’m joyful and it just makes me so happy, even just the whole month of December. Also I love the Christmas lights and decorations. I love Christmas because I get to spend time with family that I usually don’t see a lot. Also, there is some great food. And I got to be honest, even though I know this isn’t what Christmas is all about, you get some super cool gifts from the people you love. So those are some of the reasons why I like Christmas.

This is how I spend my Christmas day. So first I wake up usually very early because I’m so excited. Usually around 6, but I know my parents won’t wake up that early. So I wait awhile to wake them up, and my two brothers. Then we go downstairs and look at all the presents. My dad is making breakfast family is coming    over. Once everyone is at my house, everybody sees what’s inside their stockings. Then, we all sit down to have a delicious breakfast. Shortly after, it’s time to open presents. I am so thankful for all the presents that I receive each year. Throughout the day, “A Christmas Story”  plays on TV. We’re all talking and laughing and having an amazing time. Eventually the day is over, and everyone goes home. That is what I do on Christmas.   

These are some things that you can do around Christmas. One thing is to go see a Christmas play. Also,  you can go through your neigborhood, or go somewhere and look a Christmas lights or a Christmas light show.  Another is going ice skating. And you can also go sled riding at a known sled riding place or tubing, or just at your house. So those are some things you can do around Christmas.                             

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When in doubt, help out


There are many responsibilities of being in a community. For example, you have to take care of yourself, you have to be respectful, and you have to work as a team. You have to take care of yourself because you may have to be healthy and be happy, you do that by taking care of yourself. You also have to be respectful because you have to respect yourself and others and be kind. And lastly, you have to work as a team because you are depending on your team and they are depending on you to participate and come to any events that you are a part of.

Now I am going to be talking about the pros and cons of being in a community college. Some of the pros is financial advantage is the obvious reason that students attend community college. A lot of junior colleges don’t cost as much than two thousand dollars each semester to attend full time. By attending community college, it gives a chance for students to get ready for the financial demands of a 4 year university if they plan on transferring. Also there are smaller classes. These help professors learn more about the students. Students will also find their teacher more accessible and can get the assistance when needed. Those are some of the pros, now here are some of the cons. Normally, community colleges are 2-year schools. If you have a plan for obtaining a 4-year degree, you will, at some point, have to transfer to another university. So if your looking for a permanent residence, this may not be the best place for you. Also, many of the students are uninvolved. This is probably the biggest detterent for the junior college. Little of the students have plans for an academic future outside of what they recieve at the junior college level. And they study accordingly. So those are some of the pros and cons of being in a community college.Bioretention Gardens in DetroitCreative Commons License University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment via Compfight


A Day at School

I am going to talk about my daily routine every week of going to school. So first of all, I wake up at 6:00 a.m. and then I get on the bus at about 6:56 a.m. The bus first drops off the kids who go to Ryle High School, and then we go to Gray Middle School which is where I attend. I get there at around 7:15. So the first thing I do is go to the gym and sit where all the other sixth graders sit. We get released from the gym to go to our lockers at 7:30. I get my stuff for 1st and 2nd period. Then after those classes, I go to my unified arts (3rd & 4th period). This term I have art and design and modeling. After that I have advisory. Then I go to 5th period. In the middle of 5th period I go to lunch. I normally pack everyday. Then I go back to 5th. Then I go to 6 and 7th period. After 7th period it’s the end of the day and I get to go home after a long day of school. So that is a day for me at school.

So this is my whole school year. I have been in school for about 69 days so far. The seasons I go through during a school year are spring, winter, and fall. For free time, we have some days that if all our work is finished, we get to go outside. For class changes, we get 2 minutes to go to our locker and get our stuff for the next classes. Each class is somewhere around 45 minutes long. That is some details about my whole school year.

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